Appealing Crown Court Conviction or Sentence

As an experienced criminal law Barrister, I am frequently asked to provide a second opinion on applications to appeal against conviction or sentence to the Court of Appeal. This situation usually arises when the defendant believes he/she was not adequately represented at trial, or if there were errors or irregularities during the trial process that may lead to an unsafe conviction. 

If there are proper grounds, you can appeal against your conviction, sentence or both. It doesn’t matter if you pleaded guilty or not guilty. However, you must first apply for permission to appeal. A single judge will look at your application, together with your grounds, and decide whether to give you permission.

You must apply within 28 days from the date of conviction if you’re appealing against your conviction or from the date you were sentenced, if you’re appealing against your sentence. In certain circumstances, you can ask for an extension but you must have good reason.

If you are given permission to appeal by the single judge, your appeal will be heard by the Court of Appeal Criminal Division. If you don’t get permission to appeal, you still have the right to renew your appeal before a ‘full court’ of 2 or 3 judges to give you permission. In such hearings, you firstly have to persuade the Court you should be granted leave, and if leave is granted, you move to appeal.

If you win your appeal, your conviction may be overturned or your sentence may be reduced (or both). If you lose your appeal your original sentence or conviction won’t change but you might have to restart your sentence from the beginning and/or pay the court costs.

The appeal process is complex and based purely on questions of law. I have vast experience of appeals. To date I have maintained an excellent track record of success. If you, or a member of your family, have recently been convicted of an offence you did not commit, you should contact me immediately if you want a second opinion. If there are grounds, I will find them and take the case to appeal for you. Email me on or call me directly on 0207 440 8888.