As a specialist criminal defence practitioner, I have handled every conceivable type of criminal case you can think of. My extensive experience and expertise in this area of law enables me to offer clients highly specialised and dedicated representation at all levels of the criminal justice system. I have appeared in Courts throughout England and Wales in cases of the highest national profile. I offer outstanding legal knowledge, tactical knowhow, clearly focused and timely advice, robust and effective advocacy.

I  offer unrivalled experience and ability in the defence of a wide range of criminal cases from straight forward cases in the Magistrates’ Court to serious criminal allegations involving murder, large scale drug trafficking, armed robbery, terrorism, blackmail, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

Over the years I have built up a vast body of knowledge in relation to the use and interpretation of scientific evidence including DNA, facial mapping, firearms residue and cell-site analysis. In addition, I am also an expert in the presentation and analysis of complex medical evidence.

Here is a sample of some of the cases i have recently been involved in:


Operation Chapletown: Gang related murder where prosecution offered no evidence against the client after legal argument 8 weeks into the trial.

Operation Poppy: Gang related executions relating to drugs war between gangs in Liverpool

R v WC & 3 Others: Murder of a man alleged to have abused young children

R v GW: Causing the death of elderly man during the course of a burglary. 

R v LW: High profile murder in Middlesbrough involving gang related execution and drugs.

R v DC: Defending man who strangled his ex-girlfriend to death in a secluded woodland park in Birmingham during sexual intercourse. 

R v MH: Murder of vulnerable adult by a gang of youths.

R v SSM & 5 Others: Highest profile honour killing case to date. Successfully defended the only defendant charged with the honour killing of Benaz Mahmod. She was executed by her family and her body was disposed of over 150 miles away from her home. Her decomposed body was found over 5 months later after a very long and complex police operation.

R v RR: Defendant charged with gang related murder over a drugs dispute.

R v FK & 8 Others: Gangland shooting over drugs dispute.

R v BS: Attempted Murder of husband.

R v AH, MH & Others: Attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.

R v DH & Others: drugs related gangland execution.

R v BT: Attempted Murder of her husband.

R v AO: Gang related violent disorder resulting in death of 3 men.

R v RL & Another: Father and son charged with murder of their wife/ mother and perverting the course of public justice.

R v SC: Unprovoked murder of a stranger.

R v G & Others: Multi handed gang murder.

Drugs and other Organised Crime

Operation Frank: Importation and supply of Class A controlled drugs

Operation Alamos: Importation and supply of Class A controlled drugs.

Operation Penshurst: Importation and supply of Class A controlled drugs

Operation Viola: Conspiracy to supply Class A controlled drugs.

Operation Adolescent: Human Trafficking and money laundering.

Operation Jericho 2: Conspiracy to supply Class A controlled drugs.

Operation Manifest: Conspiracy to supply Class A and money laundering.

Operation Tartrate: Conspiracy to Evade Duty on cigarettes

Serious Sexual Offences

Operation Harehill: High profile child sexual abuse trial. Representing one of the defendants charged with trafficking young girls in the West Yorkshire Region.

Operation Chalice: High profile child sexual abuse trial. Defendants charged with widespread sexual grooming of children in the Shropshire area.

R v DA: Sexual Trafficking, Slavery and Grooming.

Operation Span: The most high profile case of child sexual trafficking to date. Represented one of two out of 11 defendants acquitted of rape, sexual grooming and trafficking of young girls after a controversial 4 month trial which gained interest of the national media and demonstrations by BNP, EDL and various anti-racist organisations. The case triggered a national public debate regarding sexual grooming of young girls.


Chambers and Partners 2021

"He's exceptionally talented and an extremely able barrister due to his grasp of the law and sensible approach to the jury. He can outshine leading silks on his day."

Chambers and Partners 2020

Highly sought after for his calm and collective approach which is never anything but measured. He is well received by clients, fellow professionals and the judiciary.” “He is meticulous in his preparation and presents his cases well before the court.”

Legal 500 2020

“He is a particularly strong junior in serious crime and fraud. He has dry wit that can wither any hostile witness testimony with ease. He has a huge practice nationally in complex crime. A very safe pair of hands”

Legal 500 2019

Has a great eye for detail”

Legal 500 2018

“Advises on serious financial crime matters. Regularly defends cases of mortgage, tax and investment fraud”

Chambers and Partners 2017:

“Recognised for advising on serious financial crime matters. He regularly defends cases of mortgage, tax and investment fraud ….His written work is particularly good."

Legal 500 2016:

‘His calm persona can cut through complex issues with ease’.

Chambers and Partners 2016:

‘Particularly noted for his expertise in cartel investigations, insider dealing and rate fixing matters. He routinely represents large corporations and individuals’

Legal 500 2015:

‘…often has the prosecution running around in circles’

Chambers and Partners 2015:

Has a nationwide financial crime practice and is regularly instructed to defend in complex fraud cases…….has an A to Z knowledge of fraud work."

Legal 500 2014:

‘An excellent jury advocate’

Chambers and Partners 2014:

‘Has a practice encompassing mortgage, tax and insurance fraud cases.

Legal 500 2013:

mindblowingly experienced'

Chambers and Partners 2013:

praised for his ability to handle cases which combine civil and criminal fraud elements. He has a national fraud profile, and handles mortgage and insurance frauds, money laundering matters and MTIC cases’ 

Chambers and Partners 2012:

‘a diligent professional acclaimed for his fantastic knowledge of his subject’

Chambers and Partners 2011:

'fights really hard for his clients and is very good tactically’

Legal 500 2011:

‘is comfortable with any level of tribunal and is completely au fait with complex legal issues’

Legal 500:

‘is widely experienced in fraud…has good experience in conspiracy trials’

Legal 500:

‘has a serious crime practice for his call and good experience in fraud and conspiracy trials’

Legal 500:

‘has a busy serious crime practice’

“I am delighted with the verdict. I am an innocent man and I’m glad the jury believed in me. This has been a very difficult time for me. My reputation was badly damaged after my arrest but now I can get on with my life as an innocent man with my head held high. I would like to take this opportunity to say I am especially indebted to my Barrister, Mr Ashraf Khan. Without his support I would have been lost”

QM, acquitted after a 5 month sexual abuse trial.

I cannot describe how happy I am today. Thank you Ashraf for all your help through this difficult period in my life. I was so scared I would loose my livelihood. I owe you so much”

TH, an independent financial adviser, acquitted after a 4 month fraud trial.


“I am delighted with the verdict! Thank you so much”

DO, acquitted of Grievous Bodily Harm after a trial.


“Brilliant result, thanks so much! Thank you for all the hard work and taking the time to understand our case; our previous lawyers just didn’t want to know”.

GH, acquitted of large scale drugs conspiracy.



“Thank you for everything! I could have spent my whole life in prison for something I didn’t do!

LW, acquitted of gang related murder after a 10 week trial.



“Thank you Mr Khan for all your hard work during this long and difficult trial. We knew we could always rely on you. You were superb!”

DM, acquitted of large scale drugs conspiracy.